Living A Life By Design

I’v had several things in my life change for me recently, I have a fnew prospective on what’s really important and how I want the next chapter of my life to read.
Living my truth, honoring my priorities and being the best version of me is what life is all about.

Let me help you find your inner MountainGirl.

For all the Base Camp Mom’s who are the support center of the family.

That have lost their identity by meeting everyone else’s needs first. Leaving them feeling unfulfilled, isolated & drained.

Jen promises to help you find YOUR True North.

By offering one on one support. Plus a family of other Mom’s who are on a similar path to gain the strength and confidence they need from the comfort of their own base camp.

Backed by years of consistently striving to manage the needs of her own happy camper family, but also intentionally dedicating time to make herself a priority.

Addressing the need for ALL Base Camp Moms to know they have the strength to manage everyone else’s needs AND still be a powerful, confident connected woman.

Since Jen understands that it can be overwhelming to deal with all the things that need to be done to manage your own Base Camp and it’s easy to get lost on the trail from time to time.

Balancing your indoor life in order to have more time for your outdoor one.

It's none of your business what other people think of you! So go ahead and Be The Banana!

Life is about living it. Not wishing it were a particular way. You have control of how your life is lead. Make good choices, laugh, smile and live in the moment every day. Be present with the ones you love and don’t waste precious time on the things that don’t bring you joy.

Don’t live with regrets, live with intention and action.

Join Jen's team of coaches.

True life changing results and new outlook on life are right at the top of the list of reasons to join me!

You can help other like-minded women become the best that they can be, create meaningful relationships, and make some  extra money while doing it — all from the comfort of your home and on your own time!



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