The Path to reach your goals

Trail Markers

Gain control and save time in the kitchen with SIMPLE to FOLLOW recipes and meal plans along with all the tools you’ll need to create your own simplified system. Feed yourself the fuel you’ll need to have the energy to take care of everyone else!


Simple at-home fitness to gain energy and control of your body. In 30 minutes a day, you’ll learn you have the strength and stamina to manage your busy day.

Time Management

Stick to a routine with a STEP by STEP guide that is EASY to follow! you can function at your best with simple systems set in place that I will show and teach you how to do. Learning my tips and shortcuts will help you find the time to focus on YOU and not get stressed out or LOST.

Your Path

Don’t feel LOST in the woods! Let me show you the path that I have followed to get results. TOGETHER well chart your course, find the landmarks you’ll use along the way and eventually reach your GOAL!


Every journey needs to have some FUN! What’s hard work if you don’t add some enjoyment! You’ll learn how to not take yourself so seriously, allow yourself down time and do some things JUST FOR YOU.


One of the best tools you’ll have access to is the ONGOING SUPPORT you’ll get from me! Not only that, but if you choose, you can be a part of my “Happy Campers” ongoing Support Boot Camp. It’s all available to you for FREE


MountainGirl's Promise to You

Balancing your indoor life in order to have more time for your Outdoor one

For all the Base Camp Mom's who are the support center of the family. That have lost their identity by meeting everyone else's needs first. Leaving them feeling unfulfilled, isolated & drained. Jen promises to help you find YOUR True North. By offering one on one support. Plus a family of other Mom's who are on a similar path to gain the strength and confidence they need from the comfort of their own base camp. Backed by years of consistently striving to manage the needs of her own happy camper family, but also intentionally dedicating time to make herself a priority. Addressing the need for ALL Base Camp Moms to know they have the strength to manage everyone else's needs AND still be a powerful, confident connected woman. Since Jen understands that it can be overwhelming to deal with all the things that need to be done to manage your own Base Camp and it's easy to get lost on the trail from time to time.

  • Learn How To Meal Prep And plan

    Making your week run smooth

  • Fitness

    I'll show you where to find 30-45 minutes in your day

  • Training

    I'll teach you the tools you'll need to reach your goals

  • opportunities

    Your opportunities are endless once you're on your way to reaching your goals

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