Have you ever started a fitness program and then quit? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many people start fitness programs but stop when they get bored or results come too slowly. Here are ten tips to help you stay motivated.


1. Tell Your Family – Many times when we publicly announce our goals we tend to stick to them a little better. Not only that, but the support and help you’ll get from your family will help fuel your fire. Who knows you may get some workout partners along the way!

2. Put it in writing – Posting your goal where you can see it every day will help you develop the habits you need to reach it. Put it on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator & anywhere else you will see it every day. Make it the screensaver on your computer! 

3. Put skin in the game – Sometimes putting your money where your mouth is, is a great motivator. Stickk.com is a great website where you can post your goal and even put Cash on the line. You can designate the money to go to charity if you don’t reach your goal or even better, the money could go to someone that you don’t particularly care for. That would help you reach that goal in a hurry wouldn’t it!!

4. Join a Group – Studies have shown that people who join a support group tend to lose more weight and keep it off longer. Personally, I have challenge groups every month and the support and motivation they get from each other really helps them stay motivated and reach their goals.

5. Accountability Partner – Find a partner in crime! Ask a friend, co-worker or family member if they would be willing to join you?! If you don’t have anyone around you, ask your Beachbody Coach to help you find one. Having a partner to talk to daily or weekly can help in so many ways. You can feed off each others enthusiasm and both of you will succeed!

6. Define your goal – Make your goal clear, concise and obtainable. Make it a smaller goal if you need to, maybe even a weekly goal. Once you reach it, make the goal a little harder. But make sure your goal is something that reasonable and doable. BUT, there is no harm in Dreaming Big as long as you have a blueprint to get yourself there. 

7. Get rid of the junk – If it’s in your pantry, throw it out!! You don’t need it and neither does anyone else! DO NOT BUY IT!! I’m serious. You don’t need it in your body, your children most certainly don’t need it in their bodies. If you’re craving something sweet, have some of natures candy-FRUIT! I’m not saying this is going to be easy, but it will be worth it!

8. Log your food – Make a habit of writing down what you’re eating. To start, get a notebook and just start putting in what you eat every meal for one week. You’ll be surprised to see how much you are actually eating. Take it to the next step and start logging it online where it will calculate your calories. www.myfitnesspal.com is a great place to start. This will tell you exactly how many calories you are consuming. This is where you will get your HOLY CRAP,  Ah Ha moment! You’re going to need to adjust your intake from here.

9. Positive self talk– Whatever you tell yourself, you’re right! Stop the negative thoughts! Start believing in yourself. Only good thoughts from now on. You’ve got to tell yourself that you are worth it, you deserve this.

10. Make it FUN! – Nobody wants to go do a workout that they absolutely hate. There are literally thousands of great programs out there for you to choose from. Find one that you actually enjoy doing and feel good doing it. Watch a preview online first, talk to someone who has done it, check to see if the library has a copy, ask your Beachbody Coach to help you find the program that is right for you!


The bottom line is, you don’t have to be in this alone! Reaching out, plugging in and opening up can really set you up for success. Do whatever you need to do to get your head in the game and be ready for change. You are going to do great! 

MountainGirlJen Leppert is a Full time Mom, Wife, Mountain Girl and  fitness coach who works with clients to help them reach their goals. Jen struggled with back pain, boring exercises, and plateaus in her progress for years until she discovered the solution that helped her lose over 30 pounds, over 2 pants sizes and keep it off . Whether you need to lose a lot of weight or a little, or need a way to get out of your rut, or if you want to make an income helping others reach their goals, Jen will help you get the results that you deserve. It is never too late to start.

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