21 Day Fix FAQ



1. How much will the 21 Day Fix Cost?

The  21  Day  Fix  will  start  out  at  $58.85  for  the  Base  Kit,  and  the  Challenge  Pack  will  only  be  $140!!  That’s  like  paying  $10   for the 21 Day Fix Base Kit when you buy Shakeology. Sign up for an email reminder to order before it sells out on the 3rd the challenge pack will go up to $160 after February 28, 2014.

2. What is included?

In the Basic 21 Day Fix: You will receive 7 workouts on 2 DVDs Dirty 30 workout, Total Body Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates Fix, Cardio Fix, Yoga Fix. Plus the nutrition guide with 7 containers that are essential to following the plan. You will also get a workout calendar, 3-day Quick Fix that Autumn uses for photoshoots, an eating plan, and 24/7 Online support, and a shaker cup. In the Challenge Pack: Everything above plus a 30 day supply of Shakeology in any flavor. You can have Shakeology on the meal plan. In the Ultimate 21 Day Fix: Everything listed above, plus an insulated bag, and 2 workouts:  Flat  Abs  Fix  and  Barre  Legs.  You’ll  also receive 1 Pro-Grade Resistance Band (15lbs) and a large on-the-go container.

3. What does the nutrition plan look like?

The nutrition plan was one of the easiest things I have ever done. No food was off limits because everything was in moderation. The  food  was  easy  to  shop  for,  prep,  and  eat.  I  never  ate  anything  I  didn’t  like  while  on  the  21  Day  Fix,  and  I   am a picky eater. You are allowed Shakeology. When you order the 21 Day Fix, you receive portioned food storage containers that are measured out for  the  perfect  portion.  You  don’t  have  to  count  calories,  macros,  or  anything.  It’s   planned out all by containers. The containers are easy to carry with you, and they are microwave and dishwasher safe!

4. Can I modify meal plans for my needs (vegan, vegetarian, breast feeding, etc)?

Yes, yes, and yes. The meal plan can be adapted to meet your needs, and there are directions on how to do so included with  the  materials  you’ll  receive  when  you  order  the  21  Day  Fix.

5. Can I have a cheat meal?

You just don’t  want  to  stuff  your  face.  You  can  have  a  treat  a  few  times  week,  and  she  does  break  down  how  to  include   for something like pizza or lasagna.

6. What results can I expect?

People generally lose 10-15lbs!!  It  isn’t  a  starvation  or  quick-fix type of program either. You can lose 10-15lbs and keep it off when you practice the healthy habits you learn in those 21 days.

7. What are the workouts like?

They are 30 minutes long and vary daily. Autumn Calabrese is the trainer, and the set is very light and fun. Each workout is intense and necessary to your results. Two of the things I loved about the 21 Day Fix is 1) Autumn is a stickler for proper form to help you get the most out of every move and not risk an injury, and 2) the modifications are awesome. She is very  specific  about  how  to  modify  moves,  and  there  is  a  modifier  in  every  workout.  She  is  working  too…I  hate  it   when they are over there all perfect and barely breaking a sweat. The modifier is giving it her all, and I loved that.

8. What equipment will I need?

You’ll  need  a  set  of  dumbbells  or  a  resistance  band.  I  suggest  dumbbells  over  bands  though.  Bands  are  not  always  used.  I   started with a set of 5 lb weights and 10 lb weights.

9. Can I do the 21 Day Fix over 21 Days?

Definitely!! I think it should be! The behaviors learned in the 21 days should become habits you can continue as a healthy lifestyle, and that is why the program is 21 days — not  because  it’s  too  extreme.

10. Is it like the Reset?

Nope. The only similarity they have is that both are 21 days. It is nothing like the Reset. I like this program better than the Reset for most people.

11. Who is the 21 Day Fix for?

Honestly — anyone,  and  I  don’t  say  that  about  any  other  workout  so  I’m  serious  and  genuine  when  I say anyone can benefit from the 21 Day Fix. The meal plan is flexible enough and there are enough modifications a beginner, even a beginner  that  is  obese,  could  do  this  workout  with  their  doctor’s  consent.  Someone  at  an  intermediate  level  will  love  this   program because it offers a challenge without wanting to quit, and even an advanced exerciser can benefit from the 21 Day Fix. It is also great for men or women. So  it  isn’t  a  girls-only program by any means. 

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