P90X is one of the most popular programs on the planet.Because we love it so much, Tony Horton has revamped and improved his most popular workout to give us…


P90X3 launches on 12/10 and personally, I cannot wait! Here are 23 All New P90X3 Cool, Fun Facts to know about this New Workout from Team Beachbody … 

1. All workouts are 30 minutes long

2. The warm-up is 2 minutes and then constant work for the remaining 28 minutes

3. There is a separate warm-up disk called Cold Start if you need a longer warm-up due to environment, time of day, etc

4. P90X3 is a separate program from P90X and P90X2, not a harder version

5. Anyone can start on P90X3, even beginners

6. The nutrition plan goes back to nutrition basics of Power 90 and healthy eating

7. There are 16 workouts in the P90X3 base System

8. The Deluxe package has 4 extra routines for a total of 20

9. P90X3 will include a new Pilates based workout… Yay!

10. P90X3 will also include an all new Isometrics workout- A New Strength/Balance/Flexibility workout with Static Holds

11. And it will include CVX: Cardiovascular Extreme – a Cardio workout with weights

12. And P90X3 has MMX – a Mixed Martial Arts Extreme that expands the Kenpo workout, another Yay!

13. Includes Agility X- All new agility programming

14. And yes, Yoga is still part of the program, but it’s only 30 mins

15. There are 4 schedules in X3- classic, lean, doubles, and bulk

16. 39 out of 40 people in the Test group lost 10% of their body fat %!!!!! (Whoa! How awesome is that?!)

17. If you’ve done P90X or P90X2, you’ll see similar moves and all new stuff too

18. Equipment needed will include weights or bands (a pull-up bars is great like in P90X, but optional)

19. Every move in X3 has a Beginner/Modified, In between move, and Challenging/Hard

20. This program is based on science that suggests the first 30 minutes is the most effective part of any exercise routine, so we accelerate the workouts to create the most effective 30 minute routine

21. Ab Moves- Most of them are athletic in nature, some are standing up and many are front facing instead of being on your back

22. P90X3 will be available December 10, 2013 Interested? I’m starting a support/challenge group to do this ON JANUARY 6th. If you would like me to help coach you through this program for FREE, CLICK HERE!

23. P90X3 comes with stickers!!! Who doesn’t love stickers!!!

BONUS FUN FACT 24. IF YOU ORDER A CHALLENGE PACK (workout DVD’s, Shakeology & Club Membership) I’ll send you a FREE P90X3 hat!!!P90X3 hat

If you are interested in getting this program, fill out the form below. It will be in high demand! It’ll make a great gift for you or someone you love Don’t wait!

Here’s A Few More P90X3 Cool FAQ’s

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