It’s time for me to step up and be the leader that you need me to be.

I promise

I am making a promise to you that I will do a better job of staying in contact with you and helping you reach your goals. The whole point of being a Beachbody coach is to help YOU lead a more healthy fulfilling life. So on that note, here are the 3 things that are changing as of this month.

1. I will be switching all of my emails over to my Mailchip account. -What this means for you- Not a ton except maybe a little different format than you’re used to. If you’re not getting an email, make sure you sign up over on the right side of the page!!

2. I will be sending a Bi-Weekly email to you. This will be directly from my blog, so it may contain new workout information, Beachbody product specials, Motivaitonal stories, recipes, videos and more. Again, if you want to receive an email, please click the sign up button on the top right side of the page.

3. I want to feature YOU on my Facebook page!! I have been getting a lot of success stories comming out of my support groups and I am going to start featuring them. They have done the hard work and deserve the recognition for it. I would love for you to submit your success story to me so I can feature you! Depending on the volume, I may do it weekly or monthly. I will also be holding a giveaway for those that are featured.

If you want to see your feature on my page, make sure you LIKE 
If you don’t have a success story yet, but are ready for one, make sure you contact me!! All my information is listed below.

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Shakeology on White

I am excited to get started being more efficient with helping you all reach your goals. The next step is up to you. Dust off that program that you bought and let me help coach you through it. Need to start smaller, order some Shakeology to give your nutrition plan a head start.

Will you be my next Success Story Feature?

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Together we can move Mountains!!

Screenshot 2013-10-21 21.00.40Jen Leppert is a Full time Mom, Wife, Mountain Girl and fitness coach who works with clients to help them reach their goals. Jen struggled with back pain, boring exercises, and plateaus in her progress for years until she discovered the solution that helped her lose over 30 pounds, over 2 pants sizes and keep it off . Whether you need to lose a lot of weight or a little, or need a way to get out of your rut, or if you want to make an income helping others reach their goals, Jen will help you get the results that you deserve. It is never too late to start. – Click Here to get started!