Do you find yourself struggling to fit fitness and exercise into your day? Is it hard to get to the gym? Are you training for a big hike?

Then I am going to be your best friend, because I have created for you a great 5-7 minute daily workout that is going to…

A) get you into the habit of moving and exercising on a regular basis or

B) get your legs, back and abs stronger to carry you further on the trail.

Each move is one minute, if you are on 1 leg, switch after 30 seconds.

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30 Day Booty Challenge Update







This is also an event on Facebook if you would like to join.


If you are unsure of the moves, here are the 30 second tutorial videos for you to watch.

Warrior 3 Squats

Wall Sits

Side Plank toe Touches

Calf Raise Squats

Squat Pulse Hold

Fire Hydrant Kickbacks

Bird Dog

Chair Squats

Reverse Lunges

Ballett Kickback

Front Leg Pulse

If you have problems with the videos, you can go directly to my YouTube page and watch the  

30 Day Bootie Challenge Playlist.

Or you can contact me at [email protected]

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