This month we’re concentrating on sexy arms! Summer is here and who doesn’t want awesome looking arms?!

This is a great short workout to get you in the habit of moving each day and tightening and toning your arms so you’ll look great in that tank top.

If you’re one of the countless women like me who always wanted toned arms, make sure you do these moves every day.

Make sure you warm up your muscles for a couple minutes before you start and cool down and stretch when you’re done.

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Every 4th day, I want you to do a short workout from one of our Beachbody trainers Autumn Calabrese. Here is the link to Autumn Calabrese‘s Sexy Arms workout…


If you need to take your workouts down a peg or up a notch, here’s some suggestions for you.



Get into the push up position and drop your knees. Keep you butt in a strait line from your shoulders to your knees. (No Tabletop position)

Step 3 feet away from a wall, place your hands on the wall, shoulder width apart. Keep your feet back and press against the wall.


Raise one leg a few inches off the floor, press back with your heel. Switch every 3 or 4 push-ups.

Military push-ups – put your hands in the same position as a regular push-up but keep your elbows right against your sides. This causes the military pushup to exert much more pressure on your triceps than the standard pushup.

For more push-up variations, check out Tony Horton’s Push-up Variation Metabolism Booster.

Chair Dips


Go to the floor instead of a chair and lift up and down. Here’s one of my YouTube videos for a tutorial.

If the floor is too hard on your wrists, try a Tricep Kickback. Start with a light weight and work your way up. Bend over keeping a flat back, arms locked to your sides. Push your wrists behind you moving only your arm from wrist to elbow. Hold for 1 second.


Put your legs out straight in front of you.

Lift one leg at a time for 3-4 dips.

Elevate your feet on another chair.

Elevate your feet and raise one leg at a time for 3-4 dips.

Bicep Curls


Lower your weights or eliminate the weight altogether, but still keep tension in the arms.


Increase your weight.

Get into a lunge position and bend your legs each time you raise your arms. Do an even amount on each side.

Hold your weights with your palms facing your legs, as you curl up, twist your wrists so that you end with your palms facing your shoulders. When releasing your arms, twist your wrists back down facing your legs.



Slow your punches down.


Bend your knees into a semi squat position. Don’t bounce your butt when you punch.

Bend your knees slightly, hold a light weight (around 1-3 pounds), start with your palms in guard position (fists, thumbs on the outside, palms facing your chin), as you punch outward twist your wrist so you palm is facing down. Return to guard position.

If you have any questions regarding this challenge or any of my 30 day challenges, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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