Welcome to my Birthday Month Challenge!

This month we are going to get your backside, legs and abs in some Super shape!

The best thing about this series is that it’s great for everyone, but especially runners, hikers and power walkers. Not only that, but your legs are your largest muscle group and by strengthening them, you’ll burn more calories! So it’s a Win Win!!

If you’re doing a specific workout routine, just add these moves onto the end of your regular workout.

If this is your only workout for the day, do a 2 minute warm up to get your heart pumping, run through each exercise for the day 2X followed by a 2 minute stretch cool down.

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Most of my challenges have ab work mixed in there somewhere because your core is the foundation for your strength. Watch your form, you don’t have to go as deep in the moves as long as you keep proper form. Modify when you need to and be sure to ask questions. I’m glad to help.

Reverse Lunge – http://youtu.be/TLRIj__2CYc

Bowlers Lunge – http://youtu.be/7BIKqRIqkIE

Sumo Squat – http://youtu.be/V11S9YJbfvM?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Clockwork Lunge – http://youtu.be/tXF2VvTN7z8?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Sumo Squat Floor Touch – http://youtu.be/PbA_XTDkPOk?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Side Plank Crunch – http://youtu.be/anZVESg42Zs?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Table Top Crunch – http://youtu.be/RtCkD37PjBo?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Table Top Leg Circles – http://youtu.be/FvQfn74CpeI?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Rainbow Crosses – http://youtu.be/uoxGem7sptM?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Single Leg Wall Sit – http://youtu.be/47f-wcf1AOU?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Hell’s Chair – http://youtu.be/4e-g59Q1GKc?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

3/4 Squats – http://youtu.be/7HSVcsxFa8A?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Warrior 3 Squats – http://youtu.be/-RcjRTHja24?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Elbow Plank Leg Raise –

Fire Hydrant Kick Back – http://youtu.be/VtqCALtJ_i0?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Side Plank Leg Lift – http://youtu.be/IpJQVJb1HqU?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Beast Mode Leg Touch – http://youtu.be/lis82tU8k0M?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Single Leg Bridge Lifts – http://youtu.be/OcplaPEmrE8?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Reverse Lunge w/ Straight Leg Kick – http://youtu.be/BZTPo5-JvyQ?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Single Leg Squat Lifts – http://youtu.be/QqpUUoEWt9s?list=UU7srXu5B6srN8sLSOX1rnxA

Table Top Bent Knee Pulse –


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