Mango Fish Tacos

When I moved into my first apartment, started making dinners for myself and learning my way around a kitchen, fish was never on the menu. The truth is, I was afraid to cook it. Fish was more expensive to buy than ground beef, and it seemed much easier to screw up. I didn’t want to[…]

Vegan Orange Cherry Muffins

If you’re vegan, you’re probably thinking yaaaaaaas! If you’re not a vegan you’re probably think, um no. But, hear me out. Because I know this is going to sound crazy, but vegan baked goods are some of the fluffiest, moistest, most delicious baked goods I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried a lot of baked treats.[…]

Base Camp Beer Pancakes

Beer and Pancakes?? Really Yes really!! And guess what, it makes the fluffiest and most tasty pancakes EVAH!! OK, sure they aren’t the healthiest, but if you’re out camping, hiking and biking, a few extra calories aren’t going to hurt you. Take a look at this post from my Facebook page… 2 cups whole grain flour[…]

Apple Pie Chia Pudding

 Who doesn’t love apple pie? I especially love the fall when you have so many different flavors of apples to choose from. My favorite are Honey Crisps when they are in season, but after that, I really like Pink Ladies. This is a fantastic healthy dessert or you can use it as a snack or[…]

Jen’s Secret White Chicken Chili

Jen’s Secret White Chicken Chili You can’t tell the kids what’s in this recipe! Tee Hee At least My kids anyway! It’s a great meal to take to parties, tailgates or pot lucks as well. Lots of flavor and you can take fun add in’s to go with it. The only way I’ll get my[…]

Healthy Mac N Cheese

Mac N Cheese!! Healthy? Absolutely! It can be done and done well! And this recipe proves it! This was one tasty dish, Mom and Teenager approved! He even helped me make it! I’ve stayed away from dishes like this for a long time. Why… because I really try to make the carbs I eat the[…]

Egg Muffins 12 Ways

Drive-thrus, fast food restaurants, and coffee shops have made millions off the portable egg sandwich idea. Why? Because it’s genius. Sorry, overnight oats, but mornings were made for sunny eggs paired with savory partners like smoky bacon, oozy sharp cheddar, and toothsome English muffins or ciabatta. Undebatably delicious. Healthy? Not so much. But now you[…]