Day 1




I starting something new here today! As most of you know, and if you don’t, now you will, I’m a total goober when it comes to fashion! I must have been absent the day that gene was handed out. However, I MUST have a coordinated outfit when I workout! I think I workout harder when “I think” I look cute, LOL. So my new experiment will be to show you my “Coordinated Cute” for the next 50 days! I’ll snap a pic of my workout wear, tell you where it came from and if possible how much it cost!


 Today was Black & White day! Tank is #UnderArmour $24, shorts are#Athleta (gathered kickbooty) $36, sports bra is Tec Gear (Kohls) $10-14 (I think I used my 30% coupon), shoes are Nike women’s Air Dictate 2 $50-60 (again, Kohls 30% off). Today’s workout was a gentle one. #TaiCheng and#LesMillsPUMP
#Flow (yoga).

If you have any questions about any of the clothes or workouts, give me a shout! GetMountainFit@Gmail.Com

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