Day 18


Day 18 of #50DaysofFitFashion

Stepping out of my comfort zone a little today and not covering my blinding white belly!! I don’t normally wear just sports bras & shorts, but it’s been so humid here lately that its all I could stand! My journey has taken me pretty far over the last 3 years (about 20 lbs & 60+ over the last 12). I would have never done this shot if I didn’t have the confidence I do now. Do I have ripped abs? No. Do I have stretch marks? Yes. Does it matter? NO!!! I am so happy with the progress I’ve made and any improvements are a total bonus. I’m in this for my health and teaching my family about living an active healthy lifestyle! I workout now because I love it. My body feels better when I do. My mood improves & I just am generally a happier person because of it! So folks, be proud of your accomplishments no matter how small. Keep moving forward and be proud of who you are and what you are doing for yourself!


So I found a few of these sports bras ( ae -#AthleticEassentials) at #TJMax for $12, I got 3 different colors. The sorts are my #Athleta Kick Booties $35 & of course my #Asics Gels.


If you have any questions about any of the clothes or workouts, give me a shout! GetMountainFit@Gmail.Com

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