Day 20


Day 20 of #50DaysofFitFashion

Ahhhh, sweet long weekend! We’re enjoying ourselves immensely! We slept in till almost 9am. Normally I hate sleeping in that late. I feel like 1/2 of my day is gone. But when you haven’t had a day to sleep in AT ALL in the last 2 weeks, your body NEEDS the rest! Today was a total beach day! We vegged at the lake & did nothing but play!


It’s another #Ellie day!! This was my latest months selection (California Collection). This is the back of the Rise & Shine Tank $20 & the Heat Wave Running Skirt. The jury’s still out in the skirt. It performs well, but I’m not that impressed with the fit. The waist is fine, it’s just the way thing flares out at the hips. I’m not a very curvy gal. In fact, I kind of resemble a pencilemoji. I’ll give it another try before I decide to send them back. Can you tell how much I love my #Asics Gel Frantic 7’s!!


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