Day 22


Day 22 of #50DaysofFitFashion

Ah Sunday, bringing the Holiday weekend to a close. We had lunch, packed up the camper and are off to the beach for a few more hours of fun. It was a great relaxing weekend and much fun was had by all-hurray! I don’t dread Mondays anymore. Why? Because I absolutely love my job!! Helping people lead healthier more fulfilling lives! I get to talk to people around the country who are ready to change some bad habits and start a new phase of their lives. And then there are the success stories! I can’t tell you how motivating and inspiring it is to hear when someone else has achieved their goal!! I am so proud and honored that someone asked me to be a BeachBody Coach. I truly love what I do. I am always looking for like minded people to join my team. If you’ve ever felt like you wanted something more and enjoy working with people, then you need to join me!! If you are already a coach, I’d love for you to comment one of your favorite things about this opportunityemojiemoji!


This is one of my most favorite and most comfortable outfits!! These Capri’s are the emojiYo! (My 14 yr old is shaking his head at my attempt at slang) I found the #Nike #LiveStrong capri’s at#DicksSportingGoods. They weren’t cheap, but oh so worth every penny! $38 They also have a nice little zipper pocket in back to hold a key, Chapstick or emergency TP! ( Oh, you know you’ve had to find a bush at some point!!) The#Fila top was another #Kohls bargan. Right around $18 with a coupon! Have you entered my contest for a #HipSister fanny pack yet?? If not, look at yesterday’s post (Day 21) on instructions to enter! I’d love to see someone get one of these awesome inventions for FREE!!


If you have any questions about any of the clothes or workouts, give me a shout! GetMountainFit@Gmail.Com

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