Day 31


Day 31 of

Another late post today, but I’ll get it in before I to to bed!! Zzzzzzzz
Tonight is our Monday night Fit Club! I am so excited because I am bringing something new to the table tonight! I have been given permission to use the only Air Conditiond gym in our school system for the rest of the summer and that includes use of any and all gym equipment! Mind you, this is just an Elementary Gym, but some if the fun stuff we can play with are basketballs, floor hockey sticks & pucks & my favorite…Workout Steps!!! Oh Yeah!!
So tonight, I hit my peeps with Step from #LesMillsPUMP!!! OMG, did they crush it!! It was so great! I had ages 23-83 there tonight & they were all gamers. It really makes me so proud to see these people week after week showing up to sweat with me even though it’s 90+ degrees outside!! #ColumbiaFitClub ROCKS!!!

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