Day 6


Day 6 of #50DaysofFitFashion,

In honor of all my friends and Team mates who are at our annual Team #BeachbodySummit, I’ll be wearing BB gear the rest of the week!! Hopefully some of my friends will bring me back some nifty #Swag! ! HINT HINT!!! Needed something super comfy for today’s Upper Body Blowout from the Combat program!! Have I told you yet how much I stinkin’ LOVE this program! (Still on sale till the end of the month, BTW. Hit me up for deets)


This awesome top I originally got for my son who completed #TheAsylum with me but he was too young to get the free shirt so I bought it for him, this one is no longer available, sorry:( My capri’s are@Zella $34 (hit just below the knee), from @Macys, thanks to @CoachGlitterfor the heads up when they were on sale! No see through pants here! You can find them at @Nordstroms too. This comfy @Nike #Livestrong sport bra I found on the clearance rack at @DicksSportingGoods $14 I’m ashamed to admit, my shoes did not exactly match the outfit! GASP!! Hence, why they did not make the photo.emojiSo guess what I will be using my @Kohls coupon for, tee hee!!emoji


If you have any questions about any of the clothes or workouts, give me a shout! GetMountainFit@Gmail.Com

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