How to make those great canvas signs.

I love figuring out how to make things myself. These signs are so popular right now, but can be pricy. This is an easy way to make one yourself.

I made this into a video, It’s m y first “How-To”! Hope you like it.

Supplies needed are…
Drop Cloth
Medium Sponge Brush
Paint Brushes (large and artistic)
Vinyl Letters (I found mine at Walmart beside the poster board)
Canvas/Cardboard or other surface to paint on
(Optional) Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel Spray Paint
(Optional) Picture hanger for the back

Step 1. Lay out your drop cloth. You don’t want to get your paint everywhere

Step 2. Use your large brush to paint your sign surface with your base color (the color you want your letters to be). Don’t wet it if you want a more streaked effect. Rinse and dry when finished.

Step 3. (Optional) Add colored spatters to your background. You can use more than one color to make it fun. You can even add colored swipes, glitter, whatever you can think of that would look good on your project. Just make sure the surface stays flat.

Step 4. Apply your letters. You can eyeball this or get really serious and use a ruler to make absolutely sure your lines are straight.

Step 5. Apply your top coat of paint. BE VERY CARFUL GOING OVER YOUR LETTERS. They will peel right off with the brush if you paint to hard. Make sure to paint the edges of your project. Don’t be picky about getting right up to the letter. The paint does tend to creep under them a little if you get too close.

Step 6. Let dry well.

Step 7. Gently peel off letters.

Step 8. Do some touch up if necessary

Step 9. (Optional) You can always spray a top coat over your project. I would suggest using Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel spray paint. Just a light coating is fine. Let Dry overnight

Step 10. Enjoy!

You can also put a picture hanger on the back of your project so you can hang it on the wall. I like to set them on a shelf.

I hope you liked this quick & silly video. Please comment if you did! I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.
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