FREE Resources To Help Us Through Stressful Times

Mental Health

Gabby Bernstein : She has compiled a site for Spiritual Tools to Relieve Anxiety about Corona virus 

She also has an incredible source of inspiration and help on her Instagram account with daily : @gabbybernstein 

Calm App or Headspace App – these are great for resources of meditation and both have free levels. If your first reaction is, “but I am no good at meditation…” that’s the point 😉 experiment! You might be surprised at the level of peace! 

Mel Robbins – each day, she will be going live at noon (EST) to connect and help you feel grounded and to share what is helping her and her family connect. You can connect with her on Instagram @melrobbins or YouTube

Practice the 3 GOOD THINGS rule! At the end of each day, take the time to write out 3 good things from your day. This refocuses your brain to search all day for positive things happening within and around you. 

Dr. Daniel G. Amen, M.D. – Psychiatrist and founder of Amen Clinics – leader in brain health and neuroimaging. He has some AWESOME guided hypnosis for anxiety, ongoing information for mental health, and even some mental hygine recommendations! I love to follow him on Instagram at: @doc_amen

30 Day Journal Prompts:

What to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed

Only good news:

Homemade Sanitizer

⅔ C Rubbing Alcohol (must be 90%)

⅓ C Aloe Gel

6-10 drops essential oil (optional)

Put in a ziploc baggie, snip off corner & squeeze into pump container or squeeze container.

(Do not use drinking alcohol as it’s not effective. It would need to be at least 180 proof. Save that stuff for when the kids are driving you to drink!)

Healthy Foods


Elderberry Syrup (one of the BEST supplements you can take for your immune system).


Green Tea

Shiitake mushrooms





Vitamin C


Frozen veggies – these retain much more nutrients than canned. Canned is better than nothing, but opt for frozen whenever you can.

Protein shakes/protein powder – good idea to have on hand to make sure you can keep up your protein intake.

Frozen protein sources – chicken, fish, shrimp, etc.

Greens powder  – this will help you keep getting your micronutrients in, if you run low on fresh greens.

Dairy free alternative mills – (almond milk, soy milk) don’t need to be refrigerated until opened

Nuts & Seeds

Apples & oranges have a longer shelf life than a lot do other fruits, so you can grab a few

Freeze dried / dried fruit with no added sugar

Canned tuna – great protein option

Red lentil pasta – you know I love it for its high protein, but it also has a long shelf life

Berries & bell peppers (red, yellow and orange) – high in vitamin C

Cooking Tips & Recipes:

Pantry Cooking While Quarantined:

Family Health

Take a hike! Find local trails:

33 National Park Tours you can take from home –

Virtual museum tours and more great places to see while you’re at home –

Nature Scavenger Hunt with kids ideas –

How to Geocach –

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems:

Virtual Field Trips:

Best Kids Podcasts:

Best Kids Educational Netflix Shows:

A new coloring page each day

Lunch Doodles w children’s book author & illustrator Mo Willems @ 1pm EST

Dance Class with Debbie Allen –

Broadway Shows, Live Concerts and More –

More Live Music –

Have floor picnics with the family by candle light.

Have an epic board game battle

Electric grids & internet grids will probably be in high usage, opt for some non-screen activities that encourage togetherness and conversation.

If you have Elderly family members:

  • Write them a letter
  • Call them
  • If at home: make sure they are safe and have plenty of food


Because laughter is the best medicine: 

Jimmy Fallon & Jamie Foxx doing musicial impressions – hilarious!

Watch his stories or highlights of carpooling middle schoolers. They’re hilarious & heart-warming

Great Podcasts –

If you’re an fan of The Office, check out this podcast by two of the cast memebers, Angela & Pam!

Dave Ramsey – Learn how to save your Money and retire Rich!!

Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) The Way I Heard it –

27 Funny Podcasts to plug into –


Physical Health

Two Brand New Workouts from Shaun T –

Free workouts from Beachbody – Click Here 

Beachbody On Demand – Free 30 Day Trial –

Peleton App – Free 90 Day Trial –

Les Mills App – Free 30 Day Trial –

Short At Home Workouts on YouTube 

March Playlist –

April Playlist –

May Playlist –

Buns of Steel –

Suck It, Tuck It & Tone It Challenge –

30 Day Abs Challenge –

Start Learning

Right now there is no better time than to take advantage of this opportunity to be learning!

Especially if you are at home with your kids, who may be home schooling.

Here are a few ideas on how to keep your mind occupied and possibly learn something new and even take a course that could help you financially! What a better time to create some passive income for yourself especially when we’re so unsure of our economy right now!

43 Different Learning Courses you can take Online –

Leave No Trace Online Certification – Learn how to become a better steward of our world!

Online Learning Sources for Children –



New Movies Coming Straight to Disney+ –

Learn to draw Mickey Mouse with a Disney Parks Artist –

Learn How To Draw Your Favorite Disney Characters – YouTube Series

Drawing More Disney Characters –

Get Your Disney Ride Fix by following @imagineerpodcast on Instagram!!! Videos of all the rides 🙂                   You can also listen to their Podcast –

Here’s the link for Android –

Become a Walt Disney World ImagineerThis free online series offers 32 videos showcasing a range of skills demonstrated by the Disney Imagineers, from story development and conceptual design, math, physics, and engineering. Plus, many of the lessons include hands-on elements with varying degrees of difficulty so all age groups can feel welcome to explore!

Imagineering In A Box

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