The hardest thing in any new endeavor is to get started.

Having a goal in mind helps, but can be daunting when it’s a BIG goal.

With exercise, the powers that be, recommend 30-60 minutes a day & right now you are at 0, and that 30 minutes sounds ridiculous and unobtainable to you. Then to top it all off, you try, and get so sore or injure yourself that it takes you right out of the equation entirely.

So What is a person supposed to do?

Start with a small goal, like 5 minutes. It’s totally OK to start with 5 minutes. Then once you feel comfortable with that, say in a week, add 1 minute to your time and go for 6 minutes. In a week add another minute and so on until you work your way up to 30 minutes a day. Eventually you’ll come to realize that you’ve reached your goal of 30 minutes & it’s  actually pretty easy and you’ll want to either add intensity or maybe even some resistance. Maybe even try a class, sign up for a race or join a Fit Club. You’ll even be saying to yourself “Wow, I think I kind of like this. I’m feeling pretty darn good!” and it’s no longer a struggle. You won’t be finding the time, you’ll be making the time to get your workout in. You’ll be looking forward to that feeling you get when you’re done.


It’s the same with having a goal for  a big hike.

Start with no weight and an empty pack (except for the snacks you may need along the way). Then gradually start adding a little weight. Work your way up to your final pack weight just before your scheduled hike and you should have no problem.

Getting trail ready early will help with issues you may need to deal with and will have all the kinks worked out  (rubbing straps, bad shoes, etc.) before the big hike. You’ll also have a good idea of supplies you may need to have on hand in case of emergency!

Consistency, patience & a positive attitude will get you to your goals every time!


Jen Leppert is a Full time Mom, Wife, Mountain Girl and  fitness coach who works with clients to help them reach their goals. Jen struggled with back pain, boring exercises, and plateaus in her progress for years until she discovered the solution that helped her lose over 30 pounds, over 2 pants sizes and keep it off . Whether you need to lose a lot of weight or a little, or need a way to get out of your rut, or if you want to make an income helping others reach their goals, Jen will help you get the results that you deserve. It is never too late to start. If you are ready, Click Here.