Starting a new workout can be scary.

When you put that first DVD in and try to keep up, it seems impossible. And Photo Mar 19, 2 16 50 PMguess what, most of the time you’re right. But also that is totally okay and the way it’s supposed to be!

When you start a new workout program you are not expected to match the speed, intensity or the number of reps of the trainer or the people on the screen.

What you are supposed to do is go at your own pace and do the very best that YOU can do.
It’s okay if you can’t do every rep!
It’s okay if you have to modify every single move!
It’s okay if you have to stop and take a break and get some water!

Take me for example. I started Insanity Max: 30 and I could not keep up! I was fully aware that this was an extreme workout and I was ready to tackle it by putting my ego aside and being willing to modify every single move daily, until I could get the hang of it.

Some of the moves I could do regular but I still couldn’t keep up, some of the moves I had to modify and still couldn’t keep up. But who cares! I was doing it, I was doing it to the best of my ability, and I was still getting a great workout.

Now, after seven weeks into the program I was finally able to do the entire workout without maxing out. Granted, there are still a few moves that I have to modify. #‎GirlProblems But again it doesn’t matter.

The only person I’m competing against is myself. And that’s just to get better every single time I do it, and I have.

Next problem you run into is that you really got into day 1 and by day 2, you can’t move a muscle because you’re so sore! We’ll I’m sorry to say, you’re not the athlete you were in High School anymore and you haven’t worked your muscles in this way before. Your body isn’t used to these movements and needs to take some time getting used to the new routine. 

The worst thing to do is not workout or stretch on day 2! Yes you’re going to hurt, but I promise you, you’ll hurt worse and for longer if you don’t stretch out those sore muscles. So get over it, do your next workout and TAKE IT EASY THIS TIME! Hydrate the crap out of yourself! Not with sports drinks, energy drinks or pop! WATER!!! Drink a lot of it to help wash the lactic acid buildup that is making you sore, out of your body. If you’re still really sore after day 2, take an Epsom salts bath! They have a really nice lavender scented one I found at Kroger! This will help soothe those sore muscles. You can always use a foam roller and roll out the sore spots. I have a great video on how to do that, CLICK HERE to watch it.

So this is for you, anyone who is just getting into fitness, anyone who hasn’t worked out in a long time, or someone who is starting a brand-new program that they’ve never done before. Lose the ego and don’t compare yourself to anyone! This is your work out and nobody else’s!

Ease into your workouts! Again, lose the ego, you’re not in High School anymore. You’re body needs to go slowly into your new endeavor. Be kind to your body and avoid injuring yourself.

To answer your question: How Do I Start Working Out? You just have to start!

Do your best and forget the rest!

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