Are you Pumped? Are you ready to Rock this workout? Does the infomercial put a Fire in your belly? Yes, Yes and Yes!

So I pull the trigger and order the new workout! I’m so excited about it. I read everything I can about it. I wait for the mailman on my doorstep everyday. I jump for joy when it comes. I’m so excited I film a box opening video and post photos to Facebook! Yes, I’m doing this. I really am doing this. I read the program and nutrition guide from cover to cover. I watch the intro video. I take my weight, measurements and before and after photos (yuck, hate that part). I join the Support Group and introduce myself. I am so ready that I’m jumping out of my skin!!!

Day 1

I’m ready! We get up at 5:30, I make Shakeology breakfast for hubby & myself. Help him pack his lunch for work, get the kids up & help them with breakfast and lunch for school.

Finally, the house is empty. At 7:30 it’s time to go in. My heart starts pounding a little faster as i’m getting my water bottle.

I pause a minute when I put in the DVD. Oh boy, what am I getting myself into? I’m actually nervous. Am I ready for this? Is this the right workout for me? I’ll never know until I try it.

So…..I press play. 

Oh my gosh, that was hard, fun, new, sweaty, cool! Yay, success. I did it and really liked it!

Day 2

Another new workout. Crap!

Press Play.

I didn’t die & I had fun!

By the end of the week, i’ve run through the workouts I’ll be doing in phase 1 or the first 30 days.

That wasn’t so bad. I’ve got this. Game on!

Day 31

A new month of workouts that I am unfamiliar with. Damn, I’ve got to go through that all over again, only this time the workouts are a little harder.

Press Play.

Actually, I was looking forward to adding some new moves. I feel stronger, I’ve lost some inches! This is working.

Day 61

It’s on like Donkey Kong! Bring It!! I’m ready to tear into this like a Monkey on a Cupcake!! I’m seeing some great results, my support group is awesome, I’ve made some fantastic new friends and I feel like a Million Bucks!!

Oh yeah, that’s why I love new workout programs!!

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