I wanted to share with you, a success story of one of my very own. This is James and he has had some amazing results with P90X and teaching himself about fitness and proper nutrition.


This is his story…

“I played Division I baseball for four years from 2009-2012 for the University of Kansas. I have always eaten whatever I wanted and not worried about it because of how active I was all the time. I was the catcher for the Kansas Jayhawks, I did not feel I needed to be quick so I did not worry about my weight. I slowly put on weight over my career as a baseball player even with all the exercise. In the summer of 2012 my playing baseball came to an end and I continued to eat the same as I did with a lot less exercise. I started to see fast weight gain and in a span of 1 month I had put on 20 pounds. This was my deciding moment that I needed to change my lifestyle. I started with figuring out an average of how many calories per day I was consuming so I had a starting point. I realized I was eating on average 10,000 calories per day! The next day I started P90X, cut my calories down to 1,200 per day and stopped drinking! I kept pushing play with Tony and my new way of eating for 3 months and lost 30 pounds going from 217 pounds to 187 pounds and also dropped from 25% to 16% body fat. The next three months I raised my calories per day to 2,000 where I still am today. I am still in school, so it’s been more convenient for me to hit the gym on campus between classes. With what i learned in the P90X program I was able to create a great program for myself and incorporate a lot of cardio while still watching my carbs, sugars, and fats while staying high in protein. During these three months which takes me to where I am today, I lost another 20 pounds bringing my total weight loss to 50 pounds and I also dropped another 8% of body fat bringing that down from 25% to 8% in only six months! I have never felt better and am so happy I found Tony and P90X to get me started and out of my bad habits!”

James pushed play every day, got through the entire program and learned how to feed his body for optimal results.

Congratulations James and continued success in your New Healthy Lifestyle!

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