I want to tell you, briefly (if I can, I tend to be chatty) about my Shakeology story.

I had been using Beachbody Workouts for about 6 months and having pretty good results, but not exactly what I was hoping for. The problem, my nutrition. I wasn’t completely healthy about my food choices. Which was stupid of me! Doing all that hard work and then sabotaging myself by over eating or not eating the right things. After expressing my frustration with my coach, she suggested that I try a sample of Shakeology. I had resisted this for a while because I thought I didn’t need it and it was too expensive. She sent me a sample of the Chocolate.

I remember the day it came and I thought, this better be unbelievably good. Well this product has exceeded my expectations and they were really high to start. I have now been using the product for over 2 years and have also converted my husband into a daily user. Not to mention my teenage boys use it after track and football for recovery.

Why am I telling you all this? You have the chance in to lock in the original price for Shakeology for LIFE! Yes, FOR LIFE! Your price will NEVER increase but you have to place your Home Direct (HD) order before midnight March 31, 2013. So, if you’ve been thinking of trying it, the time is now! You can cancel the Home Direct order any time. If you find you’re not going through it in a month, simply email/call to change your shipping to whatever schedule suits your needs. You’ll still get free shipping (savings of about $10 depending on where you live thanks to price increases w/ Fedex and USPS). You can even switch between Chocolate and Greenberry flavors and will be guaranteed the lower price.

Shakeology is one of THE best Shakebowl and Drinkmeal replacement shakes on the market. Many of the superfoods are grown in remote locations in South America and elsewhere. Darin Olien leaves no stone unturned, looking for the healthiest, purest, safest, products that we consume every day. With the rising cost of fuel, it was inevitable that Beachbody would have to make some changes.

How do I use it?

I make ours for breakfast every morning and for dinner on Monday nights (we teach a 6pm fitness class and have it after we get home). We add some fruits, Almond Milk and a little Natural Peanut Butter to ours. It’s a total meal replacement, so you don’t need anything else. Occasionally, my husband will take a thermos of Almond milk to work, extra ingredients and a scoop of Shakeology in a ziplock baggie to work. At lunchtime he mixes it there. I even bought him a small personal blender that he can have on his desk, so he can blend it with ice.

But the cost!

I had sticker shock as well, but then I got to thinking

It’s $4 / day.

Starbucks is a multi-billion dollar corporation thriving off of $4 – $5/ day for a daily cup of not so good for you.

In my personal opinion, this is worth every single penny. And it simply takes a readjustment of the budget to figure out how to make it work for you. The cost of obesity in the US was calculated in July 2010 at $147B (or 10% of all medical costs).  We have a perception that healthy food costs us more. Actually, unhealthy food does in both the short term and very much in the long term.

However, there are (3) ways to reduce the cost of Shakeology:

1) Go Home Direct (HD). This saves you Shipping and it is conveniently shipped to you every month so you don’t need to remember. With HD, you will also be locked in for life at the current price.

2)   Become a Team Beachbody Club Member. That saves you 10% on all products (along with other benefits). It costs $2.99 / week or $11.96 / month. 10% off Shakeology is about break even. However, if you plan on using their other services that come with Club Membership (like the meal planner) or you order anything else from Beachbody, you are ahead.

3)   Become a Team Beachbody Coach. Many people become coaches, simply to get the Shakeology discount. You save 25% on all products, so Shakeology goes to $89.96 or $3 / day. It cost $14.95 / month to be a coach. So $89.96 + $14.95 = $104.91. So you are still $15 ahead of the $119 retail pricing. Additionally, if you order other products from Beachbody like I do, then that 25% applies to those products as well.

Watch this as a good summary of what you get for your money.

Here is another good comparison chart vs. other suggested meal replacements. Not only are you getting significant more nutrition, you are paying less for it!



Don’t take my word for it

I am no health expert. I had been eating poorly for almost 30 years of my life so what do I know? :) But here are people much more equipped to provide valid opinions:

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BB 30-day Guarantee and My Free Sample Offer

Beachbody offers a 30-day bottom of the bag money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose to try it. However, I believe in this product so much and believe it was such a critical portion of my transformation and overall health, that I am offering free samples.  Click here to see how to get one.

You can also see more on my Shakeology website. Click here.

Or how about some fun Holiday Shakeology Recipes. Click Here

Chocolate or Greenberry

Folks, I tell it like it is. I like all the flavors, Greenberry is my least favorite, but pretty good with fruit. Also, adding Avocado & or spinach with fruit is pretty good. However, Chocolate is fantastic. I would highly recommend Chocolate as your first choice unless you are allergic to cocoa powder.

Have Fun!

Shakeology is great plain, but you can also have some great fun with it. You can get really creative. There are a ton of recipes on the web for different types of shakes to pies and cookies. Click here.

Here is a Holiday Calendar with 30 days of Recipes. Click Here

I’ll post a video of how I make my favorite Shakeology recipe.


I have had really great success with Beachbody fitness programs and supplements. I know there are other ways to success, but I have found that these products really work for ME. If you have any questions, Please Contact Me!

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