How about we make this a Healthy Halloween?!

Are you sick of feeling tempted and guilty when you sneak treats from your kids Halloween treat bag! Let’s get you over all the temptations before the holiday even arrives. By the time Halloween rolls around, you’ll have developed healthier habits, kicked the cravings and started incorporating fitness into your daily routine.

This is Operation Healthy Halloween!

Make sure you warm up your muscles for a couple minutes before you start. Do the designated reps or seconds each day. If you’re feeling strong, repeat the sequence. Do a short cool down stretch after you’re finished.

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Operation Healthy Halloween

Or you can download an interactive PDF HERE


Here is a list of the YouTube Videos you will be using every other day:

Autumn Calabrese 3min abs

Autumn Calabrese 5min abs

Tony Horton 10min Trainer abs


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If you’re brand new to fitness, then do a short warm up, the moves for the day and a short stretch cool down.
If you’re already doing a fitness program, add this 5 minutes onto your regular workout.

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If you have any questions, comments or would like more information on finding a nutrition and fitness plan, feel free to contact me: [email protected]
or 517-795-5669 (I accept text as well)

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