We absolutely love working out at home! HikerDoc & I wouldn’t have it any other way! All our stuff is here and where we can get at it easily, we have our own music, workout program and space to move. We can workout on our schedule and don’t have to drive anywhere. For us it’s the best way for us to stick with our program!

However there is a few things that occasionally happen that really put a damper on things! Mostly, once the workout is done, it makes us laugh. You still have to power through, it may take a little longer, but we’re always happy after it’s done.

So here are a few of the workout fails that drive us nuts…


  • Bathroom Breaks– Oh my gosh! Don’t you hate it when this happens. Totally ruins the flow. But I wouldn’t want to end up peeing my pants during jumping jacks!
  • Shoes Untied– Arrg! Yep I have tripped on my untied shoes and fallen on my face. Not fun!
  • DVD Skips or Wont Play– Are you kidding me! WTH! We put in a brand new disk & it wouldn’t play. Had to break out the laptop to play it. Or, you’ve played it so many times that it skips like heck. (Luckily if you ordered a Beachbody program, they will kindly replace the disk for you if you call them!)
  • Interruptions– OK, this one may have to be at the top of the list! Man, when you are in the middle of crushing your workout and all of a sudden the kids need you or the phone rings or the family pet decides it need attention right that very second! AAAhhhhh! Makes us want to explode. I mean seriously, the kids can’t answer the phone or take the dog out or wait 5 more minutes for you to be done. Sheesh!!
  • Clothing Malfunctions– This one tends to be more funny than bothersome, but when your drawers fall off your butt during plyometrics, just makes me hysterical! Or even when you split your pants! Thank God we workout at home. Although I did hear a funny one where an instructor split her pants right in the middle of teaching a class, HA! Bummer!
  • Bad Smells– Yes, I’m talking about farts! It’s bad enough when you do it yourself, but when your workout partner has gas, Yikes! Or even when the dog decides to let loose while you’re working out. Cripes, talk about clearing the room! We laugh so hard every time we do Les Mills PUMP Extreme. One of the songs is Evacuate the Dance Floor. I’ve changed the words to “Evacuate the Dance Floor, I’m infected by the smell, Stop the Stench is killing me, hey Mr. DJ your fart has really knocked me down!” You’ll have to search ITunes for the real words. LOL
  • Sweat in your Eyes– Ouch that stings! That’s why we keep a stack of workout towels very close.
  • Slipping on Pools of Sweat– Yes, I have done this one many times! Especially doing skaters on the concrete floor. Not fun!
  • Hair in your Face– This one we don’t have to worry about, but those of you with long hair say this is very frustrating.
  • Muscle Cramps– You’re right in the middle of your best Downward Dog & your calf cramps up! Oh Ooohhhhhh! (My best Sam Kinison impression) Cramps Suck!
  • Running Out of Water– Crap! You are busting your butt and your water is gone. Do you stop the workout and get more or be totally parched? I hate it when this happens!
  • Equipment Failure– Oh we have many examples of this one, as well as welts to prove it! We have snapped ourselves with broken resistance bands, smashed our feet when the weight fell off the bar, smashed our face with a slippery weight, got the wind knocked out of us when the barbell fell on our stomachs and many more. Not to mention punching myself in the face during Combat, but that was just an individual Fail, LOL. One of my friends also about chopped off her hands when hitting the ceiling fan during jumping jacks. Ouch!


All in all, these pet peeves aren’t enough to keep us from working out! Mostly after the fact, they are actually pretty funny. We usually get a good chuckle out of it during cool down.

The point being, sh*t is going to happen no matter what you do or where you are! You just have to have a positive attitude and power through!


Keep up the good work everyone! We are all in this together!


Coaches Jen & Bill

AKA Mountain Girl & HikerDoc