Want some fun moves, tips and short workouts to help keep you moving and motivated over the Holidays? Me too!!

One of my favorite Celebrity trainers Shaun T is sharing with us a new 5 minute workout every day in December until the end of the year. On day 5, he shares a great 20 minute abs workout that can be broken down into 4 5minute sessions!

Have you tried any of Shaun T’s workouts?

Insanity, Insanity Volume 2, Insanity, The Asylum, Insanity, The Asylum Vol.2, Focus T25, Insanity: Max 30 or Cize.

Shaun T's workouts buttonpng

He sure has a few of them out there. I’ve done them all, not very well, but I’ve done them! I really like the Asylum series for their concentration on sports drills and agility. Focus T25 is really fun total cardio work in 25 minutes and Cize is his new dance workout. Don’t discount this workout, you’ll be drenched in sweat, but have had a super fun workout at the same time.

For the month of December, Shaun is sharing with us how to have an Edge over everyone else during the Holidays. A secret weapon to use each day to keep our metabolism up and our bodies moving.

Here are days 1-5 for you to watch and give a try! For the rest of the month you’ll want to tune in to the “Periscope App” where you can watch the workouts LIVE, or check out his Facebook page where you can watch an do them at your leisure. (click the videos link)

Happy Holidays everyone!! I wish you the best and a very healthy and happy New Year!!

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