April 24, 2020- Moments of Magic Travel

We bet you are all wondering- WHEN will Disney’s Theme Parks finally reopen!?
May 16th? June 1st? This summer? Or as one analyst predicted- 2021!?

Our guests have flooded us with texts, calls, and emails referencing the mass speculation, forecasts, and predictions swirling around the internet. It has been a challenge for them to decipher fact from fiction. Right now there is a great deal of fiction going around- and we are here to help guide you to make the best decisions for your travel plans.

We feel it is important to clarify that as of today- Disney’s US Theme Parks remain closed until further notice- and absolutely no reopening date has been announced to the public. Reservations are being accepted for arrivals June 1st and beyond.

Everything you are reading today about how and when the parks will eventually reopen is simply an opinion– nothing more, nothing less- and unless it comes sourced directly from Disney, it doesn’t matter whose opinion you are reading. We have had guests call to cancel late 2020 vacation plans because they heard that Disney won’t open until 2021- and it has been our job to inform them that that is completely false at this point in time.

The fact is that our world is changing quickly in the wake of an unimaginable pandemic. Lives have been irrevocably altered and for many, daily routines have gone by the wayside. The heroes we have long watched save the day in countless movies have been unmasked as our health care professionals, laborers, and essential workers who stand guard as we have taken shelter. Now more than ever it’s time to let the experts lead the way. When it comes to travel and Disney Vacations our MOMT experts are here to guide you with accurate and timely information today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

While we cannot yet tell you exactly when Disney’s theme parks will reopen- we can confidently tell you that the true date remains unknown to the public- only for nowWhen Disney makes their official announcement our guests will be among the first to know– and we are looking forward to that moment with each and every one of you. So for now- take a deep breath, relax, and let us continue to be your reliable source for expert Disney travel plans and all Disney travel information and updates.

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