Sports Attack

Fire up your fat burners. These intense sports drills will challenge you to train like an elite athlete. (30 minutes)


If you’re new to Les Mills, all workouts are broken into sets built around a specific music track and as such, each Sports Attack segment is 6 minutes. Combined with 30 minutes total, this workout FLIES. Les Mills Pump: Sports Attack consists of five actual workout tracks (warm-up not included):

  1.  Mixed Impact Track: (5:00) Pretty low impact with jogging and boxers bouncing.
  2. Interval Track (4:30) Intervals moved into knee lifts, squat jacks and step jumps.
  3. Plyometric Track (3:30) If you’re coming at this workout from P90X, this is where things will begin to feel familiar as you do some 3 step heismans, step hops, skaters and sprints.
  4. Peak Cardio Track (5:00) – Added intensity, things get going here with drop squats and double hops and high knee runs (sprints).
  5. Lower Body Track (3:00) – There’s some burn here as your legs and butt get put through a few quick paces with some squats and power jumps.
  6. Cool Down (1:30) Static Stretching

 Les Mills PUMP 

Flat abs. Lean legs. Sculpted shoulders. Strong arms. Tight buns. Great bodies aren’t born, they’re engineered. How? With the LES MILLS PUMP workout and THE REP EFFECT™.

THE REP EFFECT™ is the secret behind incredible body transformations all over the world. Why? Because unlike traditional strength workouts that use heavy weights and bulk you up, THE REP EFFECT™ uses lighter weights at a higher rate of repetition so you can get leaner—faster. This intense training technique accelerates your heart rate, burning up to 1,000 calories per workout and torching more fat to reveal gorgeous muscles and a sleek, sculpted body—fast.

Now for the first time ever, you can get in the best shape of your life at home with the complete LES MILLS PUMP workout system.

You get…


Pump Basics -10 minutes

Pump Challenge -20 minutes

Pump and Burn -30 minutes

Pump and Shred -45 minutes

Pump Revolution -55 minutes

Pump Extreme -55 minutes

Flow -20 minutes

Hard Core Abs -20 minutes

Get the Deluxe Program and you’ll get

Sports Attack -30 minutes

Step -30 minutes

Combat -45 minutes



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