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Your membership in the new, improved
Team Beachbody Club gives you dozens of helpful, motivational, fitness-friendly features, including:

  • Access to the WOWY SuperGym online workout center, to help keep you motivated and ensure you never miss a workout again
  • The latest social-networking features, which put you in touch with the most supportive fitness community anywhere—including Workout Buddies, Workout Groups, Messaging, Chat Rooms, and Blogs
  • Your own customized meal plan to help you lose fat, build lean muscle, and power your workouts
  • Online fitness and nutrition tools to help you reach your goals
  • An inspirational goal tracker that shows you how far you’ve progressed
  • An exclusive discount on Team Beachbody workout programs and nutritional supplements
  • Lots of informative articles, fitness and nutrition tips, and healthy recipes
  • Expert information and advice on the Message Boards
  • Online chats with your favorite celebrity Trainers
  • Your own Coach for extra support

We’ve made Team Beachbody easier to use than ever—but we suggest you consult this guide so you don’t miss a thing!

Create and Edit Your Profile

Completing your profile as fully as possible will help you get the most out of your Team Beachbody experience. It’ll also help your Workout Buddies and other members know more about you, so you’ll find the most suitable people to communicate with and work out with.

You’ll be asked to create a profile when you first become a member of Team Beachbody. Whenever you want to change it, click on Edit Profile. 

Here’s how to fill in the various categories:

Add basic information.
Choose a screen name for yourself (it’ll need to be one that isn’t already in use). Enter your birthdate, your gender, your home time zone, and a brief biography that lets others know a little bit about your life, your goals, and what you’d like to get from your fitness program. (If you intend to make your biography public, don’t include personally identifying information such as your home address, phone number, or place of business.)

When you get to “Privacy Settings,” you can decide whether to keep these details private or let your Workout Buddies or all your fellow members see it.

Add Progress and Goals. 
Select your main goal (of course, it doesn’t have to be your only one), and add the date of your first WOWY SuperGym™ workout, your Transformation Story (which you can add to as you progress), and whether you’ll be measuring yourself in Imperial or metric units (it’s most likely to be Imperial—i.e., pounds and inches).

Note: The next time you visit this page, it will show your current Overall Goal and Fitness Story selections. To change or add to them, click “edit.”

Now, fill in as many of your current physical statistics as you can. (For help in determining your current fitness level, take the WOWY SuperGym Fitness Test, or the more extensive P90X Fit Test.) This is very important—keeping track of your improvement from week to week is a major factor in staying motivated to succeed!

Next, add your projected goals for each category. (You can always change these later—as you become more fit, you may realize you have more potential for improvement than you thought.)

Once you’ve filled in some categories, you’ll see spaces in the chart to add your new statistics on a regular basis.  Every two weeks or so (or less often for slow-changing figures such as cholesterol), you can measure, weigh, or test yourself again and add the new numbers.

Choose one measurement —”Weight” is the most popular—in “default graph view.” This will become the Progress Tracker displayed on your dashboard at the top of the site.

Add your meal plan.
This will display the meal plan you’ve selected. If you haven’t chosen one yet, go to “Create your personalized meal plan” under “Eat Right and Lose Weight” below.

Select your workout programs.
In the Programs Library, check off the Team Beachbody DVD fitness programs you own. Choose one as your primary program—if you own two or more, it’ll be the program you intend to use most.

(If you don’t have a program yet, go to Fitness Programs and use the Comparison Chart to find one that’s right for you. Then you can purchase it with your exclusive Club member discount.)

Choose your activities.
Use this to add other physical activities you participate in, such as biking, weightlifting, or yoga, to your WOWY SuperGym workout choices. If you’d like, you can also designate one of these activities as your primary program.

Select your gear.
Add any Team Beachbody workout equipment you own.

Select your supplements.
Add any Team Beachbody nutritional supplements or workout recovery formulas you use.

Upload your photos.
First, add a basic photo, which will appear in your profile and in WOWY SuperGym when you’re working out. (This can be a head shot or a full-body shot.)

Next, upload a “before” progress photo—a full-body photo that shows your physical condition at the start of the program. Later, you’ll want to add a new “current” progress photo every 30 days or so. This will give you a visual impression of how well you’re progressing over time.

You can now add up to 20 more photos to your gallery in order to show off your new-and-improved body (or for any reason you want). Click on any photo to edit the title or to delete.

Click on “browse” to locate a photo on your computer and upload it to the site. Photos must be in JPEG format and no larger than 750k in size in order to upload correctly. Body-revealing clothes are allowed, but nudity is not; any photos considered inappropriate may be subject to removal. (For information on photo rights, read the Terms of Use on that page.)

Manage your Workout Groups.
This is another way to create, join, or quit Workout Groups. (See “Join or create workout groups” under “Get Community Support” below.)

Manage your Blog. 
Your Blog is where you’ll write your impressions of your workouts, meal plan, and overall progress, and share your thoughts with other members. (See “Write in your Blog” under “Get Community Support” below.)

Establish your Privacy Settings. 
This section is very important—it allows you to determine whether your Buddies or the entire Team Beachbody community can see various aspects of your personal information, or if you’d like to keep it private. Simply check off your choice for each segment of your Profile.

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Get Fit

Find your workout program and nutritional supplements.
Team Beachbody provides the nation’s most popular and effective home-workout programs, and they work even better with the added support of our online features. With your Club membership, you’ll automatically get a 10-percent discount on all products on the site.

If you don’t already own a fitness program, go here to find one that will help you reach your personal goals.

And go here for nutritional supplements to help you lose weight, build muscle, and stay energized.

Plan your workouts in WOWY SuperGym.
This is the most important tool in boosting the effectiveness of your fitness plan. Team Beachbody’s SuperGym online health club keeps you motivated and organized, so you’ll get fit faster and will never miss a workout again!

The workout planner, fitness tools and other features are easy to use—but to help you get the most out of your experience, we recommend that you view the workout-planning tutorial here. If you have any questions, read the SuperGym FAQ here.

Calculate your Target Heart Rate.
This calculator provides an easy way to figure out your target heart rate zones for various purposes, from recovery to aerobic fitness to all-out intervals that should only be maintained for a short time.

When you work out, check your pulse rate per minute (either with a heart-rate monitor, or by counting your pulse for 15 seconds and multiplying by 4). Then you can use these ranges to decide whether you should raise or lower the intensity of your workout.

Track your progress.
Seeing how much you’ve achieved—and how far you still have to go—is one of the best ways of staying motivated. Your Progress and Goals profile page lets you keep track of physical statistics such as weight, body measurements, and cholesterol levels, even as you continue to improve them with your fitness program and meal plan.

If you haven’t already completed this page, fill in as many of your current statistics as you can, along with your projected goals. (You can always change these later—as you become more fit, you may realize you have more potential for improvement than you thought.)

Once you’ve filled in some categories, you’ll see spaces in the chart to add your new statistics on a regular basis.  Every two weeks or so (or less often for slow-changing figures such as cholesterol), you can measure, weigh, or test yourself again and add the new numbers.

Choose one measurement—”Weight” is the most popular—in “default graph view.” This will become the Progress Tracker displayed on your dashboard at the top of the site.

Download Workout Sheets.
If you’re working out with P90X, P90X Plus, or ChaLEAN Extreme, these specialized worksheetsmake it simple to keep track of every detail of your routines.

You’ll find printable PDFs for all three programs, and Excel spreadsheets for P90X and P90X Plus that you can update right on your computer.

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Eat Right and Lose Weight

Create your personalized meal plan.
Team Beachbody provides you with a customized, easy-to-follow meal plan based on your own preferences and your fitness and weight-loss goals. Instead of guessing about what to eat each day, you’ll get choices of filling, satisfying meals that that complement your workout program and provide the perfect nutritional profile for you to gain lean muscle while losing excess fat.

Click on “Create my customized meal plan” and fill out the questionnaire. Based on your answers, you’ll be offered a version of the Balance Slim-Down plan, the Low-Carb plan, or the Active Lifestyle plan. (What if you prefer a different Basic plan from the one that’s suggested? No problem! Click “See other plans” and make another choice.)

Are you a vegetarian? That’s no problem either! Select “Vegetarian meals only” to get your plan with meat-free choices.

If you want to personalize your meals even further, click “I’ll take the custom plan.” Then you’ll be able to change meal suggestions, make up your own meals, and set favorites in each category.

Search for recipes.
Team Beachbody provides a wide range of healthful, body-fueling recipes that also happen to be delicious. You can browse the whole list, or search by the specific meal you’re planning, how the recipe fits into your fitness or food plan, or any keyword you choose. Be sure to check each week for another great Featured Recipe.

Find supplements.
Team Beachbody supports your meal plan with top-quality vitamins, weight-loss supplements, protein powder, and meal-replacement shakes. Go here to find supplements that you can purchase using your member’s discount.

Calculate your body-fat percentage.
Lowering your body-fat percentage is the best way to tell how well your diet plan is working. If you aren’t using a body-fat tester, this calculator can provide that number. It will also tell you whether your current percentage is right for your body type.

Keep track of this number in your Goal Tracker, and you’ll always know where you are and how far you have to go.

Calculate your Body Mass Index.
The Body-Mass Index (BMI) is a simple measurement that helps you tell if your current weight is in a healthy range. Just fill in your height and weight, and use the accompanying chart to see whether you need to lose weight to be healthier. (But keep in mind that this measurement isn’t exact—people with a lot of muscle may have a high BMI while maintaining low body fat.)

Calculate your caloric needs.
Use this tool to figure how many calories per day it takes for you to keep your current weight, and how many you’d need to lose weight. Maintaining a caloric deficit is essential for weight loss, so this will help you determine how much to eat each day.

Test your foods with Michi’s Ladder.
Michi’s Ladder is a simple guideline that goes from the healthiest, most fitness-friendly foods (which you should eat most frequently) to the least-healthy, most body-depleting foods (which you should only have as occasional treats, if at all). If you’re wondering whether or not to eat a certain food, this list will help you decide.

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Get Community Support

Team Beachbody has added a whole range of new social-networking features that allow you to communicate with, and even remotely work out with, supportive fitness enthusiasts just like you! Remember, the more you stay connected, the better your results are likely to be.

Work out with Buddies.
Studies have found that having workout partners makes you exercise harder and longer, and also makes you less likely to skip workouts. That’s because supportive partners will encourage you and make you feel accountable—in other words, you won’t want to disappoint your Buddy by not showing up.

Find Buddies:
In the Member Gallery, click on any member, or search by keyword to find someone who matches your location, goals, or interests. Then click “add as a Buddy,” and that person will be sent a Buddy invitation through the Message Center. (If you’re a new member, your first Buddy will be your Coach.)

Invite Buddies to work out with you:
You’ll see your Buddies on your member home page, as well as on your WOWY SuperGym™workout scheduler. Whenever you plan a workout, you can send out invitations to have any of your Buddies work out at the same time.

Join or create Workout Groups.
Workout Groups are made up of members who share the same goals, have similar interests, are following the same workout program or meal plan, or who want to keep in contact for any reason. To find Groups best suited for you, check out the most active groups on your SuperGym home page, orsearch by keyword.

You can also create groups of your own, based on your specific goals and interests. Fill out and submit a request form, and an administrator will respond in 1-2 business days.

Send and receive messages.
Team Beachbody now has its own site-specific email system, and it’s a great way to keep in touch with Buddies, members of your Workout Groups, and anyone else with whom you want to share information and inspiration. To contact other members, just go to the Message Center, compose messages using our easy word-processing software, and click “Send.” Your mailing address will be your screen name.

Hang Out in the Chat Rooms.
Our Public Chat Rooms are a great place to discuss your workouts, meal plans, and whatever else you want, or just to share information and inspiration with other members. After your workout, go to the Cooldown Chat Room to hang out with others who’ve just finished a session. And be sure to check the main Chat Room page for the schedule of upcoming VIP Chats with your favorite Trainers—you’ll be able to get advice directly from Tony Horton, Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, or any of our other famous fitness experts.

Your chat name will be the same as your Team Beachbody screen name. You’ll need a Java plug-in to participate in chats—if you don’t have it, you’ll be given an opportunity to download it.

Write in  your Blog.
This personal blog allows you to keep track of your progress, as well as to record your thoughts about your fitness plan, meal plan, and anything else you want. You can also write opinions, ideas, and motivational statements for other members.

Note: Unlike the “Diary” feature on the old Team Beachbody site, which was private, your blog posts are public and can be read by others. (But don’t worry, no one else can read Diary entries you wrote on the old site.)

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Get Information and Advice

Team Beachbody provides all kinds of information on getting fit, eating right, losing weight, and getting the most from your workout programs. You should check out all of these areas regularly for the latest advice, but you can also search for particular topics you need to know about at any given time.

Consult the Message Boards.
Team Beachbody’s Trainers, fitness experts, and members all contribute knowledgeable advice and participate in lively discussions on the Message Boards. You can browse through topics that interest you, or search the Boards by keyword. Of course, you’re encouraged to join the discussion yourself—posting a reply is easy; or, if you’d like advice on any topic, simply start a new thread and ask a question.

Note: Unlike on the old, you don’t have to log in to the Message Boards separately. Your Team Beachbody screen name will also be your Message Board screen name.

Visit Trainer’s Corners.
Beachbody’s celebrity Trainers post expert information to their own special sections of the site. Check out their blogs, mailbags, Trainer’s Tips, and other areas for great advice on staying fit and using their workout programs.

Read Fitness Tips.
Our library of exercise and fitness information is a must for anyone who’s trying to get in shape. Go here to browse through all the advice, or search by such parameters as keyword, body part, or individual Trainer.

Read Nutrition Tips.
Your personalized meal plan will put you on the road toward eating right, but these informational (and motivational) tips can help as well. Browse through all the tips, or search by keyword.

Read the Newsletter.
This weekly webzine is full of informative articles from Beachbody’s top fitness and nutrition experts. Look for a new issue brimming with up-to-date advice every week; you can also read back issues by date.

Read Success Stories.
Thousands of people have sent us their true-life stories about how they got fit and lost weight with Team Beachbody. You can check out their unretouched before-and-after photos, and read their inspiring stories to find out how they did it.

Watch Videos.
Team Beachbody’s exclusive videos are loaded with informative and entertaining content. Get new workout moves (don’t miss Tony’s demonstration of the four positions that’ll give you your best-ever abs and core); find health, fitness, diet, fashion, and lifestyle tips; meet Million Dollar Body Contest winners; and learn what’s going on behind the scenes at Beachbody.

To watch videos, just go here and Push Play.

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Stay Financially Fit

Be a Coach. 
As a Team Beachbody member, you can turn your workout and weight-loss experience into profit by becoming a Coach yourself. Find out about the Coach Business Opportunity here.



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