Hey Team,
Check out this month’s V-Mail…

1)  Here are the May Challenge pack specials ( sorry I’m behind)

2)  Here is the video that I talked about that I want you to watch. Really pay attention or skip ahead to the 30 minute mark and really pay attention and take a few notes.


3)  These are the dates that I have available to do our Coach Get Together. We need to come together and pick one of these dates. I will provide the venu (my house), some wine, a couple Fix approved appetizers, but I would like everyone attending to bring an app as well because this may be our dinner if we’re doing it on a weeknight.

June 3rd 6-9 or 7-10
June 12th 12-3
June 13th 6-9 or 7-10
June 15th 6-9 or 7-10

Oh, and lastly, I’m playing around with changing the name of our team to “The Blaze”.

The reason is, a blaze is a marker on a tree that maps out the trail in case you get lost.
Kind of a double meaning for me as I’m a hiker, but also the mark will “blaze the trail” for you meaning show you the way.
I would like my team and my trainings to be “The Blaze” for you.
What do you think?

Coach Jen 
Website: www.MountainGirlFitness.Net