How does losing weight WITHOUT exercising sound?

This is Tarah’s story…

Tarah said:

“When I was in the test group it was UNBELIEVABLE to watch the weight melt off of people with zero stress, zero prep, zero restrictions and simple guidelines. The holidays were a breeze! It’s NOT a diet, it’s a better way of living!

I lost 18 lbs and chose not to workout during it due to trying to figure out whatever thyroid or adrenal issues are going on. I actually held onto weight the weeks I would try to. Guess what though? Working out on this is simply extra credit. No guilt. No punishment to yourself and I STILL lost 18 lbs!

I know, it seems too good to be true but see for yourself if you’ve ever struggled with food!”


If you’ve struggled with this diet and that supplement lost weight gained it back and more, then this is for you!
THIS will be your solution!
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This isn’t a magic pill.
It’s not a quick fix.
You won’t have to starve yourself and then binge after it’s over.

This will be a new lifestyle and a new way of thinking about food using a specific formula to learn what your body reacts to and what it doesn’t.

You might be fine eating brownies and not gain weight.

But maybe your body reacts to something else totally unexpected, like dairy.

This program helps you learn what is right for YOUR BODY!!!

This is NOT. A. DIET.


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