My Husband asked me if I was crazy when I told him I was going to do the Ultimate Reset again.

Ultimate ResetI said “No, I just know that my body needs a reset.” And what better time than Spring. A time of renewal and rebirth. My body is ready for some TLC. I’ve got my head on straight and am ready to commit to 21 Days. He just doesn’t want to give up his coffee again, LOL.

The reason I LOVE what the Ultimate Reset is, does, represents, all the above is because it’s not just a box of supplements that you get with a schedule and that’s it. This isn’t one of those things you buy on TV and expect miracles to happen. This is an entire process, and pardon my french, a Damn good one!

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The first question you may ask is “Why do I need a Reset?”  Well, unfortunately the world we live in is filled with toxins, from the air we breath, water that we drink and foods that we eat. Not to mention the chemicals we ingest to keep ourselves “healthy”. Our bodies do a decent job on their own helping us to neutralize or eliminate most of this chemical onslaught on a daily basis. However, our bodies after a while can’t do the job it once did. It’s being pushed to the limit and the results are low energy, weight gain and a weakened immune system.  The good news here is that although we can’t change our environment, we can change ourselves.

Now you may be asking “OK, so HOW does it work?”  This is NOT one of those FAD, TV Gimmicks or Magic Pill Cleanses or Detoxes.  This is a Eat Real Food, No Starvation, Life-Changing experience. Yes, you will be taking some supplements at specific times before and after you eat. You will be eating certain foods that you may not have had before. You may be in the kitchen preparing meals a little more often (however there are some great options here for busy days). Some of the MAJOR components of the Reset are totally non-traditional practices with other products. What we want you to concentrate on while you reset is YOU! You are most important, that’s why you’re doing this thing, right?!

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First off, you’re going to concentrate on some calm, meditative, renewing and restorative exercises. This means NO IMPACT, NO MAJOR CARDIO! You can take some relaxing walks (it’s Spring right now, so take advantage of that!), stretching, yoga or grab the Tai Cheng program like I did. (It’s a gentle martial arts mixed with modern sports program).

You’re going to sleep. We want you to concentrate on getting enough sleep, quality of sleep, comfort of sleep and much more. You’re body rejuvenates itself when you sleep, so this is a really important step in the Reset.

You’ll learn how to breathe. OK, wait a minute, I already know how to breathe. Well, maybe you do and maybe you don’t. Do you know what proper breathing is? It’s deep breathing, filling your lungs not through your chest, but your diaphragm.  I’m guessing you probably breathe shallow-mainly into your throat and upper chest, never filling your lungs completely, right?! See, you didn’t think I knew what I was talking about!

You’ll learn what Conscious Eating is. What the heck is conscious eating???  This is one of the foundation blocks of the Reset. It means that you are being aware of your relationship to food, your body and the habits and patterns you’ve formed around eating. Wow, what the heck! This part of the Reset is really awesome in my opinion. It really makes you take a hard look at yourself and your habits, good and bad. This will really change the way you eat!  I think this whole concept is my favorite part. It encompasses so much more than you think. One of the biggies is you are going to sit down and actually chew your food. I mean really chew it, like 20-30 times before you swallow it!  You are going to taste the flavors, inhale the smells, breathe between bites, slow down and talk with your dinner partners. This will be a wonderful stress free time for yourself!

You’ll get a little emotional. I’m not talking Drama Queen, but you will be going through some “Stuff”. LOL. Some of us are emotional eaters and this is definitely going to effect you. You may be eating fewer calories than your used to, but sometimes that pang may be a craving for something else, like comfort or fulfillment. Letting go of blockages in your body also can tend to free up your emotions too, so you may be feeling things from the past or old relationships. This will be the time for you to embrace the positive feelings you get and really “let go” of the old unhappy ones. Remember this is your time to renew!

You may need to reexamine some relationships. You’re saying to yourself, come on with this stuff already! But I’m absolutely serious. You may be the only one in your family that is ready to make a change in your life. This can be challenging because there is no support (from home anyway, I as your coach will be right beside you!) You can’t let that throw you! Stay committed and let your results do the talkin’! Heck, you’ll probably pull some of them along with you in your decision to be a healthier person. You will come across some nay sayers and that’s OK. Be strong, call your coach, me:) and we’ll get through it. Sometimes you realize that these people can be energy suckers and it’s time to reexamine your relationship with them. Are they helping you move toward your goal or hurting you? You may need to politely excuse yourself from contact with them until they are ready to be supportive or sometimes just cut ties. It can be painful, but much better for you in the long run!

Everyone can benefit from a reset from time to time. It can truly be life changing for some people. In more ways than one, many have been able to stop usage of blood pressure medicines and also experienced the reversal of Adult onset Diabetes. Others have experienced energy that they thought they would never get again. Everyone finds a newfound sense of health and wellbeing that changes them forever. Especially when they continued to eat healthy well after the Reset was done. Shakeology can help you stay on track and if you choose the Challenge Pack option, you’ll be all set.

So What Do I need to do to get started? First thing you need to do is make me your Coach so I can be your partner and supporter through your Reset. Then I can help walk you through your choices and pick which Reset Package is best for you.

Make jen My Coach

I have a good friend doing the Reset with me. She writes a cooking blog and has featured a couple of the Reset recipes on her website. Here is a link to her post about the Zucchini Cashew Soup This is one of my favorites and we’ve used it many times since our first Reset. The biggest tip we can give you is read your guide when you get your kit! Be ready to prepare a few things ahead of time and get ready for some really tasty things. You may not like everything and that’s OK. Some things you may never had before will become your favorites. It was Tempeh for me. Now it’s a staple in our house.

cooltext938428426If you’re ready to make a commitment to your health, let’s get going RIGHT NOW

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